The Path

Farook College being one of the pioneer institutes of higher education in Kerala has made an imposing presence in promoting modern education in the socially and educationally backward Malabar area, since1948. The educational output of the college rather called the Farook Movement with its rich tradition of imparting education in the latter half of twentieth century brought into effect a paradigm shift in the cultural profile of the community in this part of country. From its humble and impoverished beginning, it has grown to an educational campus producing thousands of graduates with bachelor and master degrees spreading across the world.

When the Farook College started an exclusive Centre of coaching for civil services examination in 2001 it was a debut in selecting and grooming the young talents for the prestigious civil services examination on a college campus particularly on a minority educational institution campus. The institute switched to complete civil Services main Examinations oriented classes from 2007 onwards.

Farook College PM Institute of Civil Services Examination has undertaken a mission of rigorous coaching with a programme of delivering the curriculum framed for both preliminary and main examinations by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The program at the institute covers Regular Batch, Weekend Batch , Degree Foundation Batch , Higher Secondary Batch , Civil Service Mains Batch , Preliminary Crash Batch , Optional Batches (Geography, History, and Malayalam literature), Senior Batch, Library Associates, KAS Batch, PMICSE Community and Mock Interview Sessions.

A committed faculty with an ideal vision and rich experience in the civil services examination coaching motivates the candidates for their overall academic and personality development. The present shift in the modus operandi of the selection of aspirants by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) gives extra fillip to the relevance to this kind of coaching. An exclusive residential facility is provided on the campus for the students of this coaching programme.